Welcome to STEP Up Ohlone

“Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all.”

— Bill Clinton


Dear Ohlone Family,

Welcome to the STEP Up Ohlone program website.  Our program is all about promoting student mental health, reducing stigma and discrimination associated with seeking help, and encouraging a healthy dialogue at Ohlone.  We want Ohlone students to feel supported, valued, and socially connected, and believe that you will be far more likely to succeed not only in your classes, but in life, as a result.  Within these web pages, we hope you will find vital resources, links for services, and events that we will be hosting throughout the school year.

We’ve got your back, The STEP Up Ohlone Team

2019 Staff Photo Funny
Top left to right: Sang Leng Trieu, Jessica Lopez, Rosemary O’Neill
Bottom left to right: Roger Leu, Janet Quijas, Catherine Hayes, Julie Navarro