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What is Kognito?

Kognito is an online training simulation that colleges and universities throughout the United States are using to help students, faculty, and staff recognize and help students who are in distress.  Learners become familiar with how to approach at-risk students and make referrals to campus resources for additional aid.  Users learn how to identify and connect with students in need of help.  Learners gain hands on practice having challenging and sensitive conversations about mental health and then how to refer those in need for more help.

Why is Kognito important?

  • Nearly 40% of college students have symptoms of depression that impact their performance
  • More than 1,000 suicides occur on U.S. college campuses each year.  LGBTQ and veteran students are the highest risks
  • Kognito has been found to be quite effective and has increased student referrals to counseling services
  • The more informed we are the stronger and safer we are

For Faculty, Staff and Students

Our college community is becoming increasingly aware of the amount of stress our students are experiencing and its negative impact on their health and academic performance.

To address this concern, we have adopted an online training simulation that will assist faculty, staff and students to better identify and connect to support services on campus. Ohlone College highly recommends that you take this 45 minute course, which is already in use at over 270 colleges and universities.

Five Easy Steps

  1. Go to: http://www.kognito.com/ccc
  2. Create an account/log in
  3. Select & complete interactive training
  4. Download certificate of completion
  5. Pat yourself on the back!

For Faculty & Staff 


For Faculty and Staff who Assist Veterans


For Students 


For Veterans


If you experience any technical difficulties, please email support@kognito.com

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