Healthiest Nation 2030 — National Public Health Week

Let’s make America the healthiest nation in one generation. We could you know?

Right now, the U.S. spends more on health care than other comparable countries. What do we have to show for that spending? Numerous studies show that we live shorter lives and struggle with more health issues such as obesity, infant mortality, diabetes,heart disease and more. And this is true for Americans of all ages and socio-economic groups.

This is the defining challenge of our generation – that we, the public health community, are uniquely positioned to overcome. That’s why, during National Public Health Week 2015, the public health community is rallying around a goal of making the U.S. the Healthiest Nation in One Generation—by 2030.

In the 20 years we’ve been celebrating National Public Health Week we have seen the tremendous success we can achieve working together across all fields of public health. Moving forward, we need to collaborate with an even broader range of partners to address all of the issues that have a profound effect on our health. Let’s build a groundswell of support for the prevention and public health programs we know improve the health of our communities.

Join us for National Public Health Week 2015 and be a part of creating the Healthiest Nation. Click here to get more information and to see how you can be a part of the solution!


A Safe Spring Break Could Yield Rewards!

When it comes to spring break, students have lots of choices. Many college students use the time to better themselves, help others and improve communities both local and abroad. What about you? What will you do to #LeadtheBreak? Show us how you spend your spring break as a local leader within your community by simply taking a photo, hashtagging #LeadtheBreak and hashtagging the name of your University. Just for your submission, you will be entered for your chance to win an Apple MacBook Air®, Apple iPad®, and more!

For rules and more info, click here.

Changing the Story About Mental Health in America

Last week, in support of her Joining Forces initiative, the First Lady spoke at the launch of The Campaign To Change Direction, a nation-wide effort to raise awareness around mental health in America. Spearheaded by Give an Hour and cosponsored by SAMHSA, the campaign is designed to change the story of mental health across the nation by urging all Americans to learn the five signs that someone might be in distress. Read the full story here. 

What Makes Ohlone Great — Video

There are many reasons Ohlone is an exemplary institution of higher education. Yes, it offers 61 associate degrees that lead to university transfer and over 100 well respected vocational certificate programs which build valuable job training skills. Yes, it was recognized by the State of California’s Office of the Chancellor as one of the top 10 community colleges in the state! But we would say, more impressive than all of that is its broad commitment from faculty, staff and administration to support the emotional and mental health needs of its student body. Watch here to see what we mean.