Election 2012!

Election 2012Please vote, Tuesday, November 6

The choice is yours.  Whomever you decide to vote for and whatever position you decide to take on the propositions—please make those choices.  Vote on Tuesday.

By the way, the STEP up Ohlone campaign and this entire website is funded by a proposition that was passed by California voters in 2004.  It was Proposition 63, the Mental Health Services Act that is changing the way we think and talk about mental health in California and at Ohlone.

STEP Up to Promote Mental Health and Wellness

Students in LibraryOhlone StudentsWelcome to the STEP up Ohlone website – Ohlone College’s initiative to change the way we think about mental health.  The goal of our campaign is to reduce the stigma and discrimination around seeking help for mental health issues, and equally important, to promote student mental health and wellness.  The staff and faculty of Ohlone College pride ourselves in creating a learning environment where students are valued and supported in their academic, career, and personal goals.  We are here for you.  Join us on this STEP up journey!