Online Screening Tools

Take an anonymous mental health self-assessmentWhen does worry become depression? When does casual drinking become a problem with alcohol? Is anxiety over everyday things normal? These are the kinds of questions many college students wrestle with. Students wonder if the way they feel, and the things they do to change how they feel, are healthy or not.

The best thing anyone can do is get information and remove doubt. That way we either attain peace of mind or know that we need to take positive action to remedy the situation. After all, they say that ignorance is fear. Well, on the flipside, knowledge is power. And when it comes to our mental health, we need to have that power.

Now there’s an easy way to learn more about your mental health. Ohlone College’s screenings provide a free, anonymous, simple option. Whether for depression or another mental health issue, a screening will help you to better understand your state of mind and whether it might be in your interest to seek further help.

Why not take a brief assessment? You have nothing to lose and, possibly, your mental health to gain.  Check out Ohlone’s Student Health 101 magazine for the link to the Online Screening Tool.

Take an Anonymous Screening