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Ohlone Student Health Center


The Student Health Center is a collaboration between Washington Hospital and the Ohlone Community College District to bring access to health care to Ohlone students.  The health center has on staff a family nurse practitioner, a marriage-family therapist, a health educator, a medical assistant, and an administrative assistant.  Services are offered to all current Ohlone students regardless of insurance status.  Most services at the center such as primary care visits, physicals, and mental health services are included in the student health fee.  For a small charge, students may also receive immunizations, lab work, STD testing, and pregnancy testing.  The health center sees students both on an appointment and drop-in basis.


Mental Health Services

The Ohlone Student Health Center recognizes that mental health is a key element in the academic success of our students.  To that end, we are please to provide mental health counseling, free of charge, to our students.

Personal counseling services:

  • Students can meet with a personal counselor for a number of sessions each semester
  • Please be aware that our counseling services follow the academic student calendar and counselors do not meet with students during scheduled holidays or school breaks
  • Services are not 24-hour, nor year-round
  • Check out our brochure

We are committed to providing service to the numbers of students seeking assistance. There is a high demand for personal counseling services. A missed appointment impacts another student who could have taken the slot. Please be responsible. The cancellation policy is a 24-hour advanced notice.

Please note:  If you miss an appointment without giving notice within 24 hours, you will be reminded. If you should miss a second appointment without notice, you automatically forfeit your opportunity for personal counseling services, and will have to wait until the following semester.

Mental Health postcard.

Students are invited to explore a wide range of issues during personal counseling sessions, such as:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Safety from suicidal thinking
  • Forgiveness, grief, loss
  • Success
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Relationship
  • Integrity
  • Setting personal boundaries
  • Self-management skills/time management
  • Self-discovery … what makes them come alive in life
  • Listening to their internal language
  • Interpersonal and Assertive Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Gender orientation

Counseling Department

The counseling department provides a wide range of counseling services, both academic and personal.  Counselors work with students individually, in small groups, as well as classes.  Academically, counselors help students with career planning, orientation to the school, transfer plans, and graduation requirements.  Some of the counselors are bilingual, working with non-English speaking students.  The department also offers online counseling for academic goals.  The department sees students on an appointment, drop-in, and online basis.


Veterans’ Affairs Office

The Veterans’ Affairs Office assists veterans with services such as the completion of VA assistance forms, verification of academic records for academic progress and military credit, provide special assistance to those enrolled in the Veteran Vocational Rehabilitation program, and acts as a liaison between the veterans and Ohlone’s counseling department.  Primarily an appointment based office, the veterans’ affair office sees students on drop-in basis for an hour each day.


Students Accessibility Services (SAS)


The Ohlone College Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is designed to open the doors to educational and occupational opportunities for students with disabilities.


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