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Click here to see services that are available to you here at Ohlone College

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Mental Health Screening: Want a check up from the neck up?

How are you feeling? Click here to take a quick and easy emotional health screening to find out if some support might be helpful.

Depression – Feeling sad, down, or empty

Generalized Anxiety Disorder – Constantly worried, anxious

Resiliency – Feeling like I can handle stressors in my life

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) -Troubled by traumatic events

Substance Use – Difficulty controlling my substance use

Mental Health Information at Your Fingertips

We’ve got fantastic articles to help you research emotional and mental health topics like alcohol, anxiety, bi-polarity, depression, eating disorders, PTSD, and more. Click here

Starting the Conversation: College and Your Mental Health

The JED Foundation partnered with NAMI to put together a guide for students that provides tips and conversation starters for managing common mental health concerns, explains the laws and rules around privacy and parental notification, and encourages family discussion about how students can keep their parents informed. Click here to view the guide.

 Handbook for Recovery After a Suicide Attempt

Click here to order a free copy of A Journey Toward Health & Hope: Your Handbook for Recovery After a Suicide Attempt which can now be ordered and downloaded from the SAMHSA Store. This new booklet is designed to: help people who have attempted suicide take their first steps toward healing and recovery. Tools and stories in the booklet come from first-hand experiences of individuals who have survived a suicide attempt and their supporters. It is the hope of the writers that their personal knowledge about the challenges of suicide attempts and the steps to successfully recover will help readers learn they are not alone, how to develop hope, and most importantly, how to stay safe in challenging times.

How to Help a Friend in Need

Click here to download a handy info graphic display of ways to recognize and help a friend who may be in need.

For Veteran Students

Click here for resources

Free Apps for Health and Wellness

Click here for a list of 12 free health and wellness apps that could change your life!  Did we mention they are free?

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