Crisis Intervention Handbook

Dr. Gari Browning, Ohlone College President, introduces the Crisis Intervention Handbook

Preventing crises and keeping our community safe in the event of one is a top priority of Ohlone College. This handbook, designed for faculty, staff, and administrators, provides valuable information in recognizing a potential crisis, and what to do about it, addressing situations such as who should be contacted when a student:

  • Poses as an immediate threat to themselves or others
  • Writes unusual statements
  • Is a victim of violence, stalking or intimidation

Please familiarize yourself with it and discuss it with your colleagues to help promote a safe environment for everyone.

red bookClick here to download the Ohlone College Crisis Intervention Handbook.

folder-26703_1280Click here to download a “red folder”  — an abbreviated list of resources and crisis protocols.

Red phone

Click here to download a matrix of various possible emergency situations and whom to contact.


lifepreserverClick here to download a matrix on examples of disruptive, troubling, or threatening student behavior and how to intervene.

Other crisis support services for your Ohlone students:

  • Student Health Center (Appointment Line)                        (510) 659-6258
  • Rosemary O’Neill — Coordinator of Personal Counseling   (510) 659-6258
  • Alameda County Crisis Support Services                        (800) 309-2131
    • (Local, county 24 hour crisis support)
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline                                 (800) 273-8255
    • (24  hour suicide hotline)