Flex Day Workshops

Thank you to those that attended our Flex Day workshops on January 24, 2013, we hope to see you at future events!

Suicide Awareness and Prevention Workshop

This workshop will review of the epidemiology of suicide and suicidal thinking. Participants will learn specific interviewing techniques and rehearse them in specific situations in which suicide is a possibility. Finally, basic steps of what to do for suicidal individuals will be outlined and practiced. It will be surprisingly fun.

Facilitator:  Descartes Li, MD, UCSF

Suicide Awareness and Prevention Powerpoint Slides

Easing the Transition to College

This cultural competency presentation will discuss the challenges of Asian and Pacific Islander students’ transition to college life; specifically focusing on Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese groups including a historical overview of similarities and difference, Trauma/Risk Factors, and implications to assist students in the transition.  An emerging hidden addiction – problem gambling will be presented.  Consultant will provide a ThoughtBox team building exercise based on Faculty insight and contribution!

Facilitator: Hau Cam, Center for Applied Solutions Consultant

Easing Transition to College Powerpoint Slides

The Challenges and Opportunities for Faculty and Staff Working with Increasingly Diverse Students

In order to effectively teach students from increasingly diverse backgrounds, instructors may need to consider new strategies. Addressing individual and group dynamics in the classroom means paying attention to diverse learning styles, ways of communicating, interacting and group management. Faculty often become aware of academic, social, health and mental health needs of students. This workshop will address some of these complex needs, the necessity of cultural competence and developing strategies of care.

Facilitator: Dr. Matthew Mock, Center for Applied Solutions Consultant

Challenges and Opportunities Slides