Peer Support Specialists

We believe in the power of students supporting each other and therefore are pleased to present this year’s cohort of peer support specialists.  The STEP up Ohlone initiative supports the achievement of students’ academic and personal success by building skills in student leaders to address mental health and wellness on campus.  Peer support specialists have received training on helping students navigate life on campus and access services, including making referrals to support services such as personal counseling.  Please reach out to them if you want to talk with another student who is caring and ready to support you.

khalil Khalilullah “Khalil” Iqbal
Khalil is a student here at Ohlone college who is taking classes in order to apply for the PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant ) He is looking forward to working in the healthcare industry.  He currently works as a preschool teacher and is passionate about working with children.  He likes to exercise regularly which includes running, yoga, weightlifting and hiking.  He believes that mental health is just as important as physical health and is looking forward to helping his fellow peers.

Marjorie Rose NguyenMarjorie Rose Nguyen
Marjorie is proud to be a part of the nursing student body at Ohlone College. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management at San Jose State University. Working for the government has provided Marjorie insight into the uniqueness of every individual’s life path. She believes in pursuing one’s goals and aspirations with as much heart as mind. Knowing the intricacies and balancing acts involved in being a student, Marjorie is committed to providing caring support and guidance to her fellow peers.