Ohlone Speaks

Mental health affects all of us in some way or form; here are some personal stories from folks within our Ohlone community.

James Keogh

James Keogh: Ohlone Campus Police Officer

James Keogh, a veteran of the California Army National Guard, opens up about losing a friend and colleague to suicide. Click here.


Gweneth Murphy: Ohlone Campus Police: Safety Officer II

Gweneth Murphy, with Ohlone since 2000, talks honestly about losing her best friend and work colleague, Stewart Dawson, who died by suicide in 2010. Click here.

Rosemary O’Neill: Counselor and Personal Life Coach

Rosemary talks about the rewarding and challenging aspects of helping Ohlone students deal with stress. Click here.

Jenny Schmidt

Jenny Schmidt: Ohlone Librarian

Jenny shares her struggles with postpartum depression and anxiety. Click here.

Garrett Yee

Garret Yee: Ohlone College Board of Trustee Member

Garrett speaks about serving on the Ohlone Board of Trustee and how the college can better support veteran students. Click here.

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