Ohlone STEPs Up with Successful Depression Day Screening Event

October 8th, 2015 was National Depression Screening Day.  In solidarity with the national movement, STEP Up Ohlone doubled down on its commitment to support the Ohlone community by holding screenings at both the Newark and the Fremont campuses. Thanks to all who came out to be a part of it and to those who assisted the STEP Up Team. (Nancy Dinsmore and your awesome team of nursing friends, this means you!) Together we were able to screen more than 75 individuals! Through events like these Ohlone continues to demonstrate that we are a community, we are here for one another, and it’s perfectly okay to ask for help if you need it. Because you know what? From time to time, we all do! Click here to see photos of some of the folks who came out to help us make it a meaningful day.

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