Welcome to STEP Up Ohlone — Fall Semester 2015

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We feel confident It’s going to be a powerful and meaningful year across our two campuses. At STEP Up Ohlone, we are excited to see what you’ll bring to the table and ways we can support your efforts.

For those that aren’t familiar with us, STEP Up Ohlone is Ohlone College’s campaign to promote student mental health, prevent suicide, and to reduce the stigma and discrimination around these very human issues. We firmly believe that we are a community, that vulnerability is actually a strength, and that there is no shame  whatsoever in asking for help when you need it. It’s called being a human being.

Within these web pages, we hope you will find vital resources, links for services, interesting information, helpful articles, and the very latest on campus events you need to know about. We have created this site to bolster the campus’ social connectedness and to further establish the caring community which already exists here at Ohlone.

In a nutshell, we we hope this site demonstrates that….

We’ve got your back,

The STEP Up Ohlone Team